MMDJs Your In-House Private Label* Disk Jockeys

MMDJs branding raising the bar

A great brand raises the bar – MMDJs raises the bar – it adds a greater sense of enjoyment to the experience of visiting your business, with the affirmation that ‘this radio station sounds great’ and can play my kind of music any time or any day of the week!

There are four key elements to creating iconic brands:

  1. The performance of the In-house radio station must at least be acceptable, with good quality.
    MMDJs has 15 years on-air Radio experience, plus a separate and additional 14 years Mobile DJ experience.
  2. The MMDJs music scene is enhanced by good experienced DJs who intelligently play more than one genre of music.
  3. For years DJs have adopted the philosophy that they were not entertaining unless they started talking when a song began, talking during the middle, and at the end of each song. Not only that, but what they said had to be very loud, often nearly drowning out the music. MMDJs knows better, we let the music do most of the ‘talking.’
  4. The venue must point to the MMDJ brand – that is, (your brand) as the professional, intelligent, enjoyable, 24/7 place to be, for all occasions.
    MMDJ’s Venue Branding of your club allows you to establish an identity for your club every hour you are open.
    Small companies that feature commercial radio station music in their establishments do not have any control of the music that is played, or commercials played for the competition while in your establishment.

They buy from a radio station that uses their DJs who play music when you pay them to play from within your business. Small companies do this for the advertising benefits they receive. However the cost of having a commercial radio station DJ playing inside your business can be controlled, if not eliminated! For example, if you are paying a commercial radio station DJ to play within your establishment two (2) times each week, that could be reduced to (1) Ad each week, or once every 30-60 days; resulting in tremendous savings. If in addition you are also paying a mobile DJ to play when the commercial radio station DJ is not there MMDJs can save you a lot of money.

MMDJs gives you control over pricing of outside DJ services.

  1. Put forth your own ideas on marketing, in-house audio and video.
  2. Create a personalized image each hour you are open, not just one or two nights each week, leading to higher customer loyalty.
  3. Higher control of audio and video production, to include marketing, and profits,
  4. Gives you inputs into station name, additional services, logos, tag lines, etc.
  5. These points provide an edge over your competition. MMDJs branding of (your business) will help create a personalized and unique brand for you. You can build value and recognition from your customers. MMDJs branded services allow you to differentiate your services from your competitors’ services, and provides your consumers with an alternative to others.
  6. Customers are said to have a “zone of tolerance” corresponding to a range of service quality between “barely adequate” and “exceptional”. A single disappointing experience may not significantly reduce the strength of the business relationship if the customer’s overall perception of quality remains high. The existence of these bonds acts as an exit barrier. There are several types of bonds, technological bonds (shared technology), social bonds, cultural and ethnic bonds.
  7. Customer loyalty is determined by three factors: relationship strength, perceived alternatives, and critical episodes. The relationship can terminate if:
  1. The customer moves away from the company’s service area,
  2. The customer no longer has a need for the company’s products or services,
  3. More suitable alternative providers become available,
  4. The relationship strength has weakened,
  5. The company handles a critical episode poorly,
  6. Unexplainable change of price of the service provided.
  7. The final link in the model is the effect of customer loyalty on profitability. The fundamental assumption of all the loyalty models is that keeping existing customers is less expensive than acquiring new ones.

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