MMDJ’s have performed wedding receptions in most of New Orleans’s downtown hotels. The couple were the DJs of choice for a wedding reception that cost $40,000. This wedding reception was featured on the nationally syndicated TV show “Say Yes to the Dress.”

Pamela and Gordon have also performed wedding receptions in dozens of banquet halls across New Orleans to include receptions at local union halls that have few of the amities found in big hotels or banquet halls.

The couple has returned home to Dayton, Ohio and are eager to bring their Mobile DJ experience from New Orleans to Southwest Ohio. Select “Contact Us” from the menu, then > Availability Checker > Event Information & Packages > Your Planning Form.

Under “Event Information & Packages” you should note that they don’t ‘Nickel & Dime’ you to raise the price of your reception! Under “Your Planning Form” you tell them who is participating in the reception (Best Man, Flower Girl, Brides Mother). At that point Gordon and Pamela will contact you to create the wedding reception of your dreams.