Using his radio/TV management skills, Gordon setup and operated an in-house radio station at “Sports Vue” Daiquiris Nightclub. This in-house radio station was played every hour the venue was open. Not just on Fridays or Saturdays when they used to have a commercial radio station DJ play for two hours. MMDJ’s Venue Branding of your business allows you to establish an identity for your business every hour you are open. And, if you have one club identity on Friday’s and a different Identity on Saturday’s or Sunday’s, that is no problem with MMDJ’s Venue Branding.

Venue Branding List of Services:

  • 1. Full-fledged operational in-house radio station sound 24/7.
  • 2. Station named after the establishment. For example: “Sports Vue” Radio.
  • 3. Voice ads created for the station.
  • 4. Voice and music audio ads created for the station.
  • 5. Video multi-media ads created for the station. (If big screen TVs are available for continuous promotions.)
  • 6. These Voice and Video ads will promote all events and activities within your business.
  • 7. On party nights you have choices:
    • Everything is going fine…Let the music play as is (from a template).
    • Increase the music tempo (from a template).
    • Use a party playlist that can be different each night. MMDJs sets it up for you!
    • Call in MMDJs to play live that night.
  • 8. Music database of 147,534 items. We have some of almost everything. Current library features: Top 40, Urban, Country, R&B, Dance, Latin, Rap, Hip Hop, Old School, Rock, Blues, and Jazz. Almost everything is considered Broadcast Appropriate, i.e., radio stations play these same songs every day.
  • 9. No commercials for your competition will be heard or seen while customers are in your establishment.
  • 10. IF you choose, ads may be created for complimentary business to generate extra income for your business ($35 creation fee to MMDJs). Think various distributors, or other local businesses.
  • 11. Use of former On-Air Radio personalities, and Mobile DJs specially trained to produce a sound you will be proud to say are your stations DJs.
  • 12. When and if you continue advertising on a commercial radio station, be sure to forcefully mention in your ads that there is music each and every day/night at your venue!

The couple has returned home to Dayton, Ohio and are eager to bring their Mobile DJ experience from New Orleans to Southwest Ohio. Select “Contact Us” from the menu, then > Availability Checker > Event Information & Packages > Your Planning Form.

After filling in some basic information; Gordon will call you to talk about Branding your venue.

Select Venue Radio Station Branding-Support for additional information you should be aware of when Branding your venue.