Gordon was one of several DJs to play at a couple of clubs in New Orleans. Over time he moved from being one of several, to featured, and finally to resident/house DJ; where he played every Friday and Saturday night, for three years. When this club was sold, with a different focus, he immediately switched to a different and bigger club, he was hired as their resident/house DJ; where he played every Friday and Saturday night, for three years.

Gordon and Pamela were selected by Red Frog Events, producers of the very popular “Warrior Dash” events held across the United States. These events register 10,000 to 12,000 participants per event. MMDJ played for all 10,000 people all day. They were selected by “Warrior Dash” to play in New Orleans, and again another year to play in Jackson, MS.

Does your business or activity needs to reduce or eliminate the high cost of hiring a DJ to play one or two nights a week? MMDJ’s has a solution that will ultimately save you lots of money. Read about it here Venue Radio Station Branding and then here Venue Radio Station Branding-Support! MMDJ’s will build and operate an in-house Radio Station for your business that is tailored to you and your Nightclub, Club, or Business. MMDJ’s has the skill and ability to deliver whatever you need. If your business is a Nightclub or club, MMDJ’s can create a “Branded” in-house Radio Station that will make your venue unique!

MMDJ’s Venue Branding of your club allows you to establish an identity for your club every hour you are open.

If you are NOT looking to brand your venue, check-out the various DJ services under “Business Services” in the “List of Services.”

After filling in some basic information; Gordon will call you to talk about the Business Related Services MMDJ’s can provide to make your venue Stand Out from all others!

The couple has returned home to Dayton, Ohio and are eager to bring their Mobile DJ experience from New Orleans to Southwest Ohio. Select “Contact Us” from the menu, then > Availability Checker > Event Information & Packages > Your Planning Form.