Pamela Cook
Pamela Cook, DJ PamelaSix years experience in New Orleans
Gordon Cook, DJ CookerThirty-Four years experience

Gordon Cook, a.k.a. DJ Cooker of Memory-Maker DJ is from Dayton, Ohio. He attended Roth High School, and transferred to a high performance, specialized school, Patterson Cooperative High School where they get you a job in various high paying industries. Once hired you work 40 hours a week for two weeks and attended school the other two weeks each month, all year. Students of Patterson Co-op often made as much money in two weeks as both their parents who worked all month. Gordon specialized in Printing Technologies.

He enlisted in the Army in 1968, was sent to Vietnam during the war as a Personnel Specialist E-2 and was promoted up to Specialist E-5 during his tour. He was later stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Gordon then attended Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio where he majored in Broadcasting-Radio/Television. He worked as a student manager of WCSU-FM. The University hired him full-time as he started his final year.

When he left WCSU-FM he started a desktop publishing business out of his home with one employee, and eventually three employees. At that point he opened a store front office in downtown Xenia, Ohio. Seven years later he received a job offer from Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC) which he accepted. After three years LMC lost the contract he was working on, but LMC said they had another contract he could switch to; however it was in New Orleans, LA (NOLA). After much consideration and debate, he accepted the transfer. LMC said it was basically a start-up, taking over the efforts of another company, and that the job might last three years. He retired from that job after 18 years in (NOLA).



Pamela Cook, a.k.a. DJ Pamela, was born in Chicago, IL in what was known as Cabrini Green housing complex. She grew-up Catholic and went to Catholic schools. Pamela graduated from Saint Michael’s High School.

Pamela came to Wilberforce, Ohio to visit her two younger sisters at Wilberforce University. While there she meet Gordon Cook; and about two years later they married.

During this time-frame Pamela was operating a three (3) bed mental health facility out of her home, and a two (2) bed facility out of a rented house two blocks away (aged 18-65). Several years later she switched to therapeutic foster care, three beds (3) from her home providing services to the state’s most difficult children aged 12-18 years old.

Her husband Gordon was transferred to New Orleans, LA; and Pamela joined him as soon as possible. Once there she soon was working at a catholic school – Saint Benedict the Moore School.

After Hurricane Katrina she and Gordon returned to Xenia, Ohio. Some 30 Days later Lockheed Martin transferred Gordon to Memphis, TN; and nine months later back to NOLA.

When Pamela returned to NOLA after Hurricane Katrina she got a job at Hynes Charter School where she worked until her return to Dayton, Ohio in April 2015.